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galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena

Nov 23,  · Here is a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus! Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test! - Duration: EverythingApplePro 1,, views. Jul 31,  · Hello there everybody around the world and welcome to this Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone SE video. In this video we will be putting these two devices in a . Oct 25,  · iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II vs. Samsung Galaxy S III • iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III in the hand We won't argue over aesthetics - you can make up your own mind on that one - .

Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S III: All rise: Design and build quality

But, as much overlap as there is, Samsung has established the "phablet" as a new product category in itself. The core question in this comparison is whether you want a classic smartphone, or a smartphone-tablet hybrid that has a productivity-based twist? The Note II, meanwhile, offers a much larger display while still fitting if just barely in most pockets.

Plastic devices can still be well-designed, sleek, and attractive. The iPhone 5 is 38 percent lighter than the Note 2. Do you want a small, discrete, just big enough display? Those are essentially your choices here. The two phones also employ different display technologies. In terms of benchmarks: the Note fares better in raw processing tests, while the iPhone scores galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena in browser tests. Both phones will handle just about anything you throw at them with ease.

The three internal storage options are even and priced accordingly. There is only one version of the iPhone. If your carrier supports 4G LTE the fastest mobile data networkevery iPhone 5 will take advantage of it.

The Note, meanwhile, offers different 4G capabilities by region. Check with your local carrier for the lowdown. In terms of experience, it should also easily outlast the iPhone. Megapixels, schmegapixels. With that said, both the Note II and iPhone 5 take great shots, and can easily replace a point-and-shoot. These include the ability to preview things like emails and videos by hovering the pen over the corresponding thumbnail, multi-window support potentially providing a huge boost in productivityand the ability to scratch notes from anywhere.

For all of the accusations of Samsung copying Applethe S Pen provides some truly innovative software features that the iPhone presently has no answer to, galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena.

The company has balked at adding too many new features to its mobile operating system since its inception. On the minus side, iOS is starting to look a bit stale and unchanging after almost six years. One big software advantage for the iPhone is that it gets updates immediately after Apple releases them. The iPhone is simple, elegantly constructed, and minimalistic. PC arguments. To see how these two compare to other top phones, check out our Smartphone Comparison Guide, galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena.

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The Galaxy Note 2's battery is superior to the iPhone 5's. Galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena plastic, or compact aluminum? Both cameras take great shots. The Note II has more raw power, but both provide plenty of zip in their respective operating systems. That's quite a difference.

The Note II is most definitely a phablet ; the iPhone 5 most definitely isn't. At most retailers, the phones will cost about the same. The Note 2 runs an old version of Android, but its TouchWiz software provides some amazing stylus integration.

Internal storage options are even, while the Note supports microSD cards. The iPhone 5 is much lighter, but it's also much smaller. Size That's quite a difference. Will Shanklin. He covers a broad range of consumer tech, including virtual reality hardware and software, smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches.

Sign in to post a comment, galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena. I'm really at a loss. Why can't you just SAY it The Galaxy Note2 is vastly superior and really cannot be compared with little outdated toys like iPhone.

Too big? Not for their little hands! And being on the subject: why continue comparing size, pixels, etc where the only thing that REALLY matters are battery life, ability to stick in a new battery when you run out of power. Who cares about an extra few grams if it gets you a decent battery life? Stop belittling it! And talking about ueber popular devices: iPhone is well on the way out; I have already given my iPhone to my gf and when I purchased my Galaxy S3.

Now she's getting jealous because she's now stuck with an iPhone and can't wait for me to upgrade to the Note2 or S4 so she can have my S3. Matt Fletcher March 26, PM. I agree with Willemco. The one suggesting I will make for the Note is a permanent backup battery so that when you do swap out batteries the phone doesn't have to restart. This way I can charge a battery or two at home and just swap out the battery and never have any down time.

Without this option I have to either switch the battery and be down a couple of minutes or charge it and be stuck to the charger for the next 30 minutes both suck when you want to make a call and move at the sametime. I have the razor Max I was thinking of the HD but I'm gonna get galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena Samsung Galaxy note 11 it is way much better than the razor plus put a ext battery and its got more battery than the razor galaxey is the way I'm going.

Inappropriate Response March 26, PM. I'm sick of reading these fanboy comments on this site. If you can't see the comparative benefits of each OS you shouldn't really be on a tech site. Joris van den Heuvel March 26, PM, galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena. We need to stop calling these devices "phones". They do so much more. In fact, my Galaxy Note has spent less than an hour in actual voice calls six months into owning it.

But I think it's downloaded about 20 GB of data in that time. Island Architect March 26, PM. So It wins hands down for intellectual elegance and supreme aesthetics.

The fact that the App Store outsells the nearest competitor by a factor of 4 will certainly influence many Many of them the leading solution. It was ingenious that Steve set up a situation that many people could develop programs displaying their programming and design skills. He essentially enrolled thousands of skilled programmers and gave vent to their creativity.

The mini iPad easily fits in most cargo pockets. Isn't it amazing that this little device has way outperfomed GM. Most people out here don't have the luxury of both devices on-hand to literally compare stuff. I just put my galaxy-note chrome beside my iPhone safariand loaded the gizmag. Tch tch tch Totally disagree with Bill.


Samsung Galaxy Note II N - Full phone specifications


galaxy note ii vs iphone 5 gsm arena


Nov 23,  · Here is a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6S Plus! Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS iPhone 6 Plus Drop Test! - Duration: EverythingApplePro 1,, views. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. iPhone 5 By Will Shanklin. March 25, The Galaxy Note II is a gigantic powerhouse that opens doors for productivity that Apple’s mobile devices can’t match Author: Will Shanklin. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Android smartphone. Announced , September. Features 3G, ″ Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16 MP (f/ camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth.