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Dec 09,  · PTCL offers three addons for landline to mobile calling. These are made for customer satisfaction and to provide value to the customers by decreasing tariffs and for providing the best voice quality to all over Pakistan. The PTCL packages are now offered to call mobile phones on discounted rates. List of PTCL Landline to Mobile - Add-on Packages Mobile Bucket 1 Call any mobile number for . Ptcl Pakistan - Latest Ptcl News, Ptcl Internet Packages, 3G and 4G Packages. Ptcl Call Packages, Ptcl SMS Packages, Tips and Tricks of different short codes and commands. Contact Ptcl Office, Website and Email details. Company Introduction of Ptcl. A website about Pakistan,PTCL,telephone directory,Cell Phones,Games,Myspace,Home Decoration,Health And Beauty. For latest updates Do Visit us.

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ptcl mobile phones


Dear User, Please note that you can use our Telephone Directory By Name, By Addressand By Phone Number. Enter Phone No without City Code! (Example: ) Enter Name! (Example: Ibrar) Enter Address! (Example: Hussain Chowk, Gulberg-III, Lahore) More About Telephone Directory PTCL PTCL QuadPlay Unlimited PTCL Smart TV PTCL Smart Line PTCL Smart Searching [ ]Author: Fidodido. May 30,  · PTCL Smart TV app allow you to watch live and On Demand Videos on your PC or smart phones. Smart TV App Configuration for PC and mobiles. (Windows operating systems), Android Mobile phones and iOS iPhones and iPads. PTCL Smart TV Application brings + Live TV channels on your android mobile phones and tablets along with interactive features for its viewers in Pakistan. PTCL Smart TV application has been nominated for the GSMA Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) in the ‘Best Mobile App (Media, Film, TV or Video) category. ** In order to enjoy the SMART TV App services, please subscribe using the /5(K).